Sugarflair Pastel Paste




Sugarflair Pastel Paste Colours 

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Pot size: 25g.

Allows you to colour icing, marzipan, sugar paste etc

Easy to use for cake decorating purposes

Fat Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Gm Free, Suitable for Vegetarians.

Ideal for colouring fondant, butter cream, cakes, royal icing, etc.

This is a gel paste and is highly concentrated so only a small amount is needed. The more added the deeper the colour goes but once it reaches it’s deepest shading it will not go any darker.

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Pastel Spice Red, Pastel Daffodil, Pastel Scarlet, Pastel Orange, Pastel Baby Pink, Pastel Spring Green, Pastel Peppermint, Pastel Brown, Pastel Sky Blue, Pastel Lavender, Pastel Shadow Grey, Pastel Purple, Pastel Bluebell, Pastel Aztec Blue, Pastel Aqua, Pastel Apple Green, Pastel Kiwi, Pastel Apricot, Pastel Honey Gold, Pastel Cherry Red, Pastel Cornish Cream, Pastel Skintone, Pastel Jade, Pastel Magenta, Pastel Midnight Black, Pastel Woodland Brown, Pastel Rose, Extra Strong Red, Extra Strong Black, Extra Strong Blue, Extra Strong Green, Extra Strong Yellow