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A wide range of pulses, Beans and grains.

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Red Split Lentils 25kg, Red Split Lentils 3kg, Red Split Lentils 4x3kg, Yellow Split Peas 25kg, Yellow Split Peas 3kg, Soup/Broth Mix 25kg, Pearl Barley 25kg, Marrowfat Peas 12.5 kg, Whole Green Peas 12.5 kg, Pea Steeping Tablets 2kg, Butter Beans 3kg, Cous Cous 3kg, Puy Lentils 3kg, Quinoa 2kg, Chick Peas 3kg, Chick Peas 25kg, Black Eyed Beans 3kg, Black Turtle Beans 3kg, Borlotti Beans 3kg, Canellini Beans 3kg, Dark Red Kidney Beans 3kg, Pinto Beans 3kg, Haricot Beans 3kg, Mung Beans 3kg, Medium Oatmeal 3kg, Tapioca 3kg, Popping Corn 22.68kg, Semolina 3kg, Green Split Peas 3kg, Puy Lentils 25 kg, Bulgar Wheat 3kg, Cous Cous 25kg