Sugarflair Universal Paste Colours

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Achieve bold and consistent colour with your cakes and chocolate with Sugarflair’s range of Universal Paste Colours. Universal Paste Colours are oil-based food colourings that let you add colour to fatty substances without them separating. High-fat products include buttercream, white chocolate, ganache, sugarpaste, Swiss meringue, cake mixture, cream and more. These food colours are intermixable, giving you endless shades of colour to work with! For soft pastel tones, use a small amount of paste and slowly build up to the colour you’re wanting to achieve. For bright and bold colours, start by using a small amount and build the colour up until you reach your desired shade.

22g per pot.

select colour from drop down menu.


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Raven, Pineapple, Ochre, French Rose, Berry Blue, Strawberry, Tiger, Emerald, Tawny, Snow White