Silverspoon/BSC Golden Syrup




Viscous, partially inverted sugar syrup. Golden in colour, free from abnormal odours and flavours and free from extraneous material.

Declaration for use:
Partially inverted sugar syrup

Bulk – In a tank, preferably stainless steel and ideally sterilised prior to delivery. Preferably lagged to prevent heat loss and fitted with microbiological filters which minimise condensation and filter incoming air.
Pallecon / Pail – Cool environment, below 65% RH and at 10 – 20oC avoiding temperature fluctuations in excess of 5oC in any 24hr period. The product should not be subject to any draughts direct light and sources of ignition. Do not store close to substances with strong odours

3 years if good storage practice is observed. The product is labelled with a ‘Best Before’ date of 3 years after the date of manufacture.

Specification available upon request.

T&C’s DISCLAIMER: Please note we can not be held responsible for any damages caused during transit (courier) of Syrup due to they’re weight. We do however endeavour to pack these as safely and securely as possible but damages may occur during transit. PLEASE NOTE by  purchasing this product you agree to the above terms and conditions. Please also note  this product is subject to additional delivery charges per order due to weight and is exempt from free UK mainland courier delivered orders.

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2×7.27kg, 1×7.27kg