Shepcote Flavourings 28.5ml




Shepcote Flavourings.

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28.5ml Bottles.

Other flavours available to order in packed in 12×28.5ml.

Ideal for flavouring cakes, deserts and more.

May contain nuts, seeds or gluten.

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Almond, Vanilla, Peppermint, Rum, Brandy, Aniseed, Chocolate, Orange, Lemon, Butter Scotch, Coffee, Strawberry, Banana, Coconut, Toffee, Pineapple, Rhubarb, Violet, Cream Soda, Lavender, Elder Flower, Mango, Irish Cream, Sour Cherry, Apple, Cappuccino, Blueberry, Sparkling Wine, Candy Floss, Raspberry