Fold Flat Cake Boxes




Folding cake boxes come flat packed but with a few simple movements they are up and ready to be used without the use of any glue. These cake boxes are pure white card which gives them a fresh and clean look.

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Pure White Card

100% Recyclable

100% Biodegradable

Come folded flat in one piece.


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6x6x3" (250), 6x6x3" (10), 6x6x4" (250), 6x6x4" (10), 7x7x3" (250), 7x7x3" (10), 8x8x3" (250), 8x8x3" (10), 8x8x4" (100), 8x8x4" (10), 12x12x4" (100), 12x12x4" (10), 10x10x4" (100), 10x10x4" (10)