5mm Thick Masonite Boards




H5mm Thick Masonite Boards.

Available in various colours.

Strong and sturdy, making them able to support substantial weight.

Can be wiped clean to be used again

Finish your cake masterpieces off perfectly by presenting them on one of our fabulous masonite boards.

Measuring 5mm thick, these boards are strong and sturdy, making them able to support substantial weight. They can even be wiped clean and used again, making them a super cost-effective choice as well as practical.

Please note the cost price does not include VAT, this will be added to your quotation invoice.

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10” RD Pastel Violet, 8”RD Violet, 12” RD Violet, 10” RD Pastel Green, 8” RD Pastel Green, 12” RD Pastel Green, 10” RD Pastel Yellow, 8” RD Pastel Yellow, 12” RD Pastel Yellow, 10” RD Pastel Orange, 8” RD Pastel Orange, 12” RD Pastel Orange, 10” RD Hot Pink, 8” RD Hot Pink, 12” RD Hot Pink, 10” RD Tiffany Blue, 8” RD Tiffany Blue, 12” RD Tiffany Blue, 10” RD Matt Black, 8” RD Matt Black, 12” RD Matt Black, 10” RD Gloss Black, 8” RD Gloss Black, 12” RD Gloss Black, 10” RD Matt White, 8” RD Matt White, 12” RD Matt White, 10” RD Gloss White, 8” RD Gloss White, 12” RD Gloss White, Baby Pink 8”, Baby Pink 10”, Baby Pink 12”, Baby Blue 8”, Baby Blue 10”, Baby Blue 12”, Navy 8”, Navy 10”, Navy 12”, Sage Green 8”, Sage Green 10”, Sage Green 12”, Red 8”, Red 10”, Red 12”